Roof Cleaning Lancaster, PA

Roof Cleaning by A&E is  Lancaster, PA’s only RCIA certified roof cleaning contractor serving Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. We offer safe, non pressure roof cleaning in Lancaster, PA that will remove the black streaks, lichen or moss from your shingles. In addition to our non pressure roof cleaning, we can perform a number of other exterior cleaning services for your entire home or business including soft washing siding, gutter cleaning or clean out and power washing for your hard exterior surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. (you should never power wash your roof)

What causes dirty shingles in Lancaster,Pennsylvania?

Black stains and streaks on asphalt shingles are caused by algae growth. The algae feed on the limestone that is used as filler in asphalt shingles. When it rains, the algae is spread, causing black streaks and stains. If these stains are left untreated, the black streaks will continue to grow causing lichen and finally growing into moss. When lichen and moss are allowed to grow, it will deteriorate the single due to the growth of a root system.

Just because you have dirty shingles in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, doesn’t mean you need to replace your roof. A roof replacement can cost thousands while our non pressure system can return your shingles to like new condition at a fraction of the cost.

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About Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

Lancaster (Pennsylvania Dutch: Lengeschder) is a city in the south-central part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is the county seat of Lancaster County and one of the older inland cities in the United States, (along with Springfield, Massachusetts and several other settlements.) [1]. With a population of 59,322,[2] it ranks eighth in population among Pennsylvania’s cities.[3] The Lancaster metropolitan area population is 507,766,[4] making it 101st among US metropolitan areas.[4

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